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Before we can use Vendita MAS, we need to get MAS iOS setup. Vendita MAS is a free app, but you still need an account on the Apple App Store in order to install it. If you do not have an account on the Apple iOS App Store, then you will need to create one in order to download and install Vendita MAS. The web link below can guide you through this process.

Create an Apple iOS App Store Account

Open the app store on the Apple iOS device, and type “Vendita MAS” in the search feature of the app store, as shown below.


Vendita MAS will appear in the App Store. Press the “download” button to install Vendita MAS.


Following the installation of the Vendita MAS iOS app, additional setup must be performed. Please use the links below to learn more about these setup tasks.

Import Certificate into iOS Device

Configure connectivity to MAS Engine