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MAS Namespaces

MAS uses namespaces as an organizational method. Namespaces are a common organizational strategy. . MAS Namespaces resemble a tree-like structure that organizes capability and processes associated with this capability. MAS namespaces can be rendered by visual tools. A portion of the Vendita Oracle namespace is shown below.

The MAS user interface enables navigation of namespaces on the “Entities” form. Users can explore namespaces using the Entities form by pressing nodes on the iOS interface. Namespaces consist of two types of elements: nodes and processes. Nodes serve to define the purpose of a location in the namespace, like “backups”, or provide a broad definition of purpose, like ““. Processes perform work and benefit from these categorizations.

MAS Namespace and Entity Browsing

The MAS Web UI features a facility to navigate MAS Entities, using a tree type navigation experience. This allows the major namespaces for MAS to be explored. Select the “Vendita” namespace to explore features specific to supported platforms.

Use the triangle navigation arrows to expand and collapse the tree view. Expand the “Vendita” entry to see the major supported platform vendors.

Continue expanding the tree view to drill deeper into the namespace, and scroll up and down to view the namespace.

Use the “Show Fully Qualified Names” checkbox to enable/disable the display of the full namespace paths.