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Jobs Page

Once you have logged into the MAS server, you can access the features of MAS from the menus along the top of the form. From this form past job or process executions can be reviewed. This is shown in the figure below.

Press the “+” button on the upper right to schedule a new process execution.

MAS Daemon Status

Before scheduling or running a new process, make sure the MAS daemon is running. This is easy to check by examining the annunciator in the lower right corner of the screen.

Schedule a New Process

The form below is used to schedule a new process.

Type the name of a process in the dialog box to quickly find the name of the process you would like to run. In the example below, processes with “rds” are used to search for a process to run.

Click on the process name to select process to run. Use the “Invoke Immediately” checkbox to run the process immediately. To schedule a process in the future, de-select the “Invoke Immediately” checkbox and use calendar control to select a date.

One a process has been selected, parameters for the process must be entered. In this example a database connection needs to be provided from the list of available servers, as shown below.

The form show below shows a form will all parameters entered, ready for the process to be run or scheduled. Press the “run” button to start the process.

The results of the process execution will be shown, once a process is run. In the example a job / process has completed and the output can be reviewed.