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Many features are included with Oracle database that must be licensed separate from the database licensed. A good example of this is Oracle Advanced Compression, a feature that allows compression of storage in Oracle database including Oracle RMAN backup files. Oracle Tuning and Diagnostics are other examples of features that are commonly used, that must be licensed separately. Anytime one of these features is used, the Oracle database creates an immutable record of this usage. This record cannot be removed or altered, and serves as a permanent records of the feature usage.

Oracle Corporation is allowed to audit customer databases, under the terms of use of their software. Under the circumstance where Oracle determines that a feature has been used, but is not licensed, Oracle will charge license and support fees, back dated to the first time the feature was used. In addition, unless steps are taken to mediate the usage of an unlicensed feature, license fees will be accessed by Oracle. The costs of an audit of this nature can be thousands or millions of dollars, depending of the sizes of the database affected and the number of database servers affected. MAS Oracle Licensed Feature Usage Report provides a detailed report of feature usage in Oracle databases. Carefully reviewing this report can help avoid costly audits.

Oracle Licensed Feature Usage Report Process

Running the MAS Oracle Licensed Feature Usage Report is simple. Under "Entities" menu search for "licensed", and the report can be easily accessed.

Select the report, then provide two parameters:

Parameter Description
dbms MAS account for database server
shell MAS account for ssh connection to server hosting database

The process form is shown below:

Press "run" to run the process, the select the process output from the "jobs" menu.

Licensed Feature Usage Output

The process output for the Licensed Feature Usage Output process is shown below.

A more useful view of the output is to expand the "Outputs" field by pressing the expand button.