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Welcome to Vendita MAS

This is the main screen for Vendita MAS. There are no actions that can be taken at this screen other than to access features of MAS. Select one of the buttons on the left side of this screen to access a MAS feature.

First Time MAS Users

If this is the first time you are using MAS you should access the topmost button "Settings". This feature is used to establish connectivity to one or more MAS Servers.


Once you establish connectivity from the Settings screen, use the accounts screen to establish credentials for the servers you wish to access. These servers can include:

  • IBM POWER AIX Servers
  • IBM POWER VIO Servers
  • IBM POWER Hardware Management Consoles


Feature NOT Currently Active MAS Supports user accounts to limit access to MAS. Use MAS security to limit access for personnel who are not authorized use all features of MAS


The Forms screen allows access to MAS Configuration Management (CM). MAS CM management is where parameters for provisioning and setup processes are created and edited. These processes include:

  • IBM VIO Server setup parameters
  • IBM LPAR setup parameters
  • Oracle Grid Infrastructure installation parameters
  • Oracle RDBMS (database) installation parameters

Data Types

Feature NOT Currently Active This is an advanced feature of Vendita MAS used by programmers to create and review MAS data types.


Vendita MAS Entities are comprised of processes within MAS that perform some action. These processes can be simple, single UNIX commands, or can be complex provisioning processes. All of these processes are part of a namespace in Vendita MAS, and can be viewed and edited (coming 2q 2018) from the the Entities form.

Invocation Display

The Invocation Display feature allows invocations to be reviewed from the MAS iOS app. Note that in order to use the feature, a process must first be run from the "Invocations" form.


Invocations is where MAS processes are run or "invoked". This can be any kind of process of MAS. Be aware that nearly all processes require a server credential as a parameter. This is the server where the process will be run. These credentials are setup on the Accounts page, covered earlier in this help document.


Feature NOT Currently Active Schedules allows processes to be run at some point in the future, on a repeatable basis.


The Help button displays context sensitive help. This help information will change, depending on what part of MAS iOS you are using.


Comprehensive documentation can be accessed from the "Documentation" button. Use this documentation to access information about MAS Solutions Pacs. Oracle and IBM POWER users are urged to review the Solutions Pac documentation before attempting to use these features.

MAS Support

Registered users of MAS can obtain support by accessing MAS Support at the following URL. MAS Support