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Introduction to Forms and Configuration Management

This portion of the MAS documentation deals with the "Forms" part of the MAS iOS App. Before using forms, it is important to understand their purpose. MAS Forms are an integral part of MAS Configuration Management.

MAS Configuration Management is an organization tool for managing parameters. MAS Configuration Management is used to provide parameters to processes that have large numbers of parameters. A good example of this are the parameters used to provision a server, install database software, or use database features like Oracle datapump.

MAS Configuration Management consists of two distinct items: prototypes and forms.

Prototypes serve to define parameters needed for a particular process. Prototypes are defined outside of the MAS iOS user interface currently.

Once a prototype is defined for a particular process, it can be used to define one or more forms. The ultimate use of forms is as an input parameter to a process.

Creating Forms from Prototypes with the iOS App

Creating Forms from Prototypes with the iOS App can be accomplished from the MAS forms page, shown below.

On the Forms page, press the "+" key in the upper right corner of the screen, to create a new form from a prototype.
Learn more about creating a new form from a prototype.

Working with MAS Forms

After a form is created, it can be used with MAS Processes. Often, parameters in a form need to change. The iOS user interface can be used to change the form parameters. For example, on a form for installing an operating system, the IP address of the server can be set, along with other parameters like CPU cores, memory, etc.
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