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MAS uses namespaces as an organizational method. Namespaces are a common organizational strategy. If you are unfamiliar with namespaces, select the "Learn more...." link below for a brief introduction.

Learn more with this introduction to namespaces.

The MAS iOS interface enables navigation of namespaces on the “Entities” form. Users can explore namespaces using the Entities form by pressing nodes on the iOS interface. Namespaces consist of two types of elements: nodes and processes. Nodes serve to define the purpose of a location on the namespace, like “backups”, or provide a broad definition of purpose, like “vendita.oracle.rdbms“. Processes perform work and fit into these categorizations.

Searching Namespaces
Namespaces can be searched, and the results of a search can be saved. This allows easy access to processes. On the Entities form, enter a search term, as shown below.

Nodes and processes that match the search will be shown. Press the “Save Search” button in the upper right corner to save the search. A dialog will be presented to allow the search to be saved, as shown below.

The "Entities" form is used to launch or invoke processes. To run a process, left-swipe the name of the process to show the

By pressing a saved search at any time, the search criteria associated with the saved search is applied, as shown below.

Invoking Processes
Invoking processes can be initiated from the "Entity" form or from the "Schedule" form. From the Entity form, swipe left on a process to reveal the "schedule" option, show below.

Select "Schedule" to access the "Invocation" form. Learn more about the invocation form.

Process Information and flowchart
From the Entities screen, basic information about a process can be viewed and edited by pressing the information icon. The information icon is shown below.

The basic process information screen is shown below.

Learn more about basic process information screen.

To view a flow-chart representation of a process, press the process name. An example of the flowchart is shown below.

Learn more about Entity Process Diagram form.

Namespace Aliases
Namespace aliases provides a method of quick access to any namespace on the "Entities" form. Namespace aliases allow users to assign their own names to a namespace. Namespace aliases differ from saved searches because they refer to a specific namespace, whereas a saved search includes namespaces and process that can in many different namespaces. To create a namespace alias press the icon in the upper right corner of the "Entities".

Learn about creating namespace aliases.