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Welcome to the Vendita MAS Query and Script Wallets. This section describes the two script wallet types and their usage.

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The script wallets allow the organization of large numbers of queries to be run through MAS without development of a MAS process specifically for this purpose. Many MAS customers already have extensive script libraries that will be used for the foreseeable future, but do have a means of organizing and running these scripts. Vendita MAS provides a disciplined means of running scripts/

Hosted script wallets

With a hosted script wallet, users can store their scripts on a wallet host server that allows sftp connectivity. MAS connects to these servers, grabs the query, then runs it against a database server. This approach has a number of unique advantages.

  • Scripts can be moved into the wallet host server using simple sftp client, and no compiling or additional processing is needed.
  • Scripts are organized by directory and also can be documented with a text file, describing the exact scrip usage.
  • Multiple script wallet servers can be used, allowing organization of script wallet servers by department, business unit, or any other logical organization.

The diagram below shows the basic organization of a script wallet server.


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