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Table of Contents

Welcome to the Vendita MAS Application usage guide. The goal of this guide is to introduce the pages of the iOS app, and provide guidelines on using each section.
These other guides are designed to help you get MAS up and running.

Main Page

Figure 1 below shows the main page of the Vendita MAS Application. On the left side of the app are navigation buttons used to select major features of the Vendita MAS Application. For first time users, "Settings" must be selected to establish a connection between the Vendita MAS Application and one or more Vendita MAS Server.

Figure 1


Administration Process Design Scheduling Information
Settings Forms Schedule About MAS
Accounts Entities Display Help

Solution Pacs

Vendita MAS Oracle Solution Pac Vendita MAS Query and Script Wallets
Vendita MAS IBM Power Solution Pac
Linux x86 Solution Pac